Thursday March 30, 2006

Has everyone gone and found my secret countdown counter? It is at the very bottom of this page. It way rocks. Mostly because it tells me how long it will be until we go to mexico. I have had two dreams about mexico in the past 7 days and they are odd dreams. Nothing really, but dreams anyway.

Well I be off to see what tonight brings.

11 thoughts on “Thursday March 30, 2006

  1. the_Spirit_is_Willing

    yep. i was looking at that last night. oh yeah + i emailed. did u get it? i just wanna make sure cuz my email’s been giving me trouble lately.  oh and yeah, doesn’t nat’l geo. rok? …and i forget what else u said on my site. i guess thats it.

  2. tranquilwater

    I won’t go as far as some people (ahempassive_spasticahem) but I will say that dreams are often worth looking into for further meaning. Your countdown is pretty nice, by the way.

  3. the_Spirit_is_Willing

    my tiger ate ur hand? that’s funny…i thought he was a vegetarian. neway, sorry-thawt i put my name on my email. silly me. neway, i have a lot of stuf too, so by the time we email, we’ll prolly both be caught up and done with work. . hopefully the work wont be piled that high, but yeah.


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