Saturday February 11, 2006

I had a strange dream, that I was outside of Steven’s house laying on my stomach. I had my head on my hands, trying to sleep. Andrew was squating over me with is hand on my back. I went to sleep.

I work up to see Janae’s face. She casually said ‘hey’ like all the times she sees me. I said ‘hey’ back. I notice that I am held on something at a slight angle then I get moved in to a box. The gray haired lady asks me if I know who that was. I said Yeah, that is Janae. Good, She says, and then asks me what day it is. Right now I am not quite sure, I am still wondering about my dream before and why they heck I am dreaming that I am in an ambulance. The dream isn’t going anywhere or changing as I am answering the questions, some right some wrong., but instead is getting clearer. Could I really be in the ambulance?
She adjusts the blood pressure band on my arm and reads the readings to the radio along with some other stuff I didn’t catch. 130 over something. She says I am going to start and IV. I said I would rather not. She asks if I am afraid of needles. I tell her yes and tell her the story that how even when my mom wanted to practice putting IVs in me I wouldn’t let her.
We get to the hospital and everything is till surreal. I made a comment that I wish that I had been to the hospital before. The people didn’t quite understand so I had to say it a different way. This isn’t the way that I first wanted to visit this hospital. They wheel me in to a room and lift my board of the gurney on to another one. A nurse comes in with a computer and asks me some questions and then types. Janae comes in and says that she has called my parents. I thanked her, I think… Then the nurse prints out a band and sticks it to my wrist. Andrew is there, but just out of my range of vision. I ask him to come closer and I see his shaggy head.
The doctor comes in and he talks a little, then takes off my head straps and neck brace. He feels down my neck and nothing really hurts. It is sore. They take me off the board and the pain in my head lessens. And I knew it would. The very back of my skull hurts and that was being pressed down on the board by the strap on my head. The nurse comes in and gives me a tetanus shot. I was scared but I didn’t feel it at all. Which is crazy. My dad comes in and Andrew goes and gets his car. The Doctor goes to treat some other patient and someone told me I get to get a cat scan.
My dad and Cindi and I talk for a while, while we wait and eventually the wheel me out side. It was stinking cold.. I had now shirt on. I remember Andrew saying that he saved it for me. I talk to the guy who was running the cat scan and he was from Colorado and Michigan. The lady that was rolling me around was from the bay area, we talked about rent. 
She wheels me back to my room and we wait for the results to come. Cindi goes to Walmart to get me a shirt.
We pass the time talking about this and that. All the while my brain has been getting steadily clearer as time passes. I get some water and I have to use the restroom now. And we wait. We listen to the people next door get looked at then treated.
The Doctor comes and says that there is nothing else wrong, and we can go home. We end up driving to my house to get some stuff then I go sleep at my parents house where my dad can wake me up every few hours so I don’t go comatose.

So that is how I spent my Friday night. And last night I had a huge bump on my head. It isn’t there now, but boy was it huge. And my luck with Mexico shirts that I like has continued. The first day I wore my one from last year I got bleach all over it. And this first day I were this year’s, it gets cut off of me.

10 thoughts on “Saturday February 11, 2006

  1. so_d_e_e_p

    wait did you say this was a dream, or was that really what happened to you….are you okay? If it wasn’t a dream I will be praying for you. Man what a wild dream….or reality…:(

  2. la_rosa24

    Andrew Myers! WHAT DID YOU DO!!?? ARE YOU OKAY??? I was afraid that one of you was going to get hurt one of these days. This counts as one of those posts that I don’t understand.

  3. Passive_Spastic

    Even in your delusion you are thinking of ways to get tons of comments.  “I will leave all the important information out so they will have to leave frantic comments and ask me how I am!”  I keep forgetting how smart you are, you need fall on your head again. 


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