Sunday February 12, 2006

Okay, two days after. Today was church and it was touching to see how many people cared about my well-being. It was funny to see those who didn’t know. And it was humbling seeing how many didn’t know. Well that is life.
For those who don’t know, I feel out of a truck. That was doing about 20. My feet hit first which knocked me to my back, which accelerated my head and smashed it in to the ground. What I remember was in my last post. There was about twenty minutes from when my head hit until the first ‘dream’ and then about another twenty from the first to the second. That is life and I can only praise God for what He has done.

9 thoughts on “Sunday February 12, 2006

  1. la_rosa24

    Yeah. When I read your last post I was thinking about all these ways you could have gotten hurt. Like falling off a trampoline, or somehow falling out of a rolling tire, or climbing rocks…….one of those many dangerous things you guys do. I never accounted for your sitting on the back of a truck while someone was driving it.

  2. viper20

    Even the thought of you not being here with us brings tears to my eyes. I love you Andrew. You are a special man of God. I know the Lord has great things for you!

  3. Passive_Spastic

    Yeah, I found out later that alot of people knew and the story evolved into me and you getting into a crazy car crash and totaling the car.  How funny is that?  And you missed church last night, it was crazy.

  4. tranquilwater

    Two days later and I’m just now finding out. You better not jump out of moving trucks anymore. Sounds like a not-so-good idea. Scary, man! You are not invincible! Well, I’m glad you’re okay.


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