Saturday February 4, 2006

Pizza is like the best food out there.

Edit: Splinter Cell and Mountian Dew don’t mix very well.

10 thoughts on “Saturday February 4, 2006

  1. Lady_of_Laughter

    Ok, No! you can’t shoot me……So there! the pictures you got the names wrong are the first two on the third page of you flickr thing. DSC_0064 is rachel! The one next to it, that says ‘rachel, olivia, and josh’ should be ‘Stacey, Olivia, and Josh’… you know…and again…no you can’t shoot me!…besides I doubt very much that you have a gun that can shoot that far!

  2. MimeKiller

    You know for some reaons I had my doubts about Farcry, but they were compltely unfounded, very solid FPS from begining to end, my only complaint is that thers some intersting gameplay elemants that you use maybe once are twice, but besides the novelty factor of “ohhh I usually cant do that in a videogame” its not that much help. But yea, definatluy worth a rentel becuase it took me like 4 days to beat it(are around 10 hours) So its good times indeed!


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