Thursday February 2, 2006

This post is for the people that didn’t get any of my last post.

So let us start at the beginning. I found a quote. “Why not pray for her, she won’t get any deader.” A pastor in Hawaii’s wife die when she was still young, and someone suggested that he lays hands on her and prays that she would be raised.

Then came the banjo post. Over the summer I wanted to make a reproduction banjo after playing one at a shoot that I did. It has been on of my goals that has been placed on the sidelines. Just on a whim I looked in ebay for a grain measure and found one that was perfect. And cheap. That was the banjo post.

Now the sniping post. Sniping is a term used when people will wait for the last second to place a bid on an auction. I got sniped. It went from way low to way high in the last minute ten. That was the sniping post.

And why does a post have to be something? Why can’t it just be what it is.

6 thoughts on “Thursday February 2, 2006

  1. so_d_e_e_p

    lol I’m with la_rosa24.

    So I haven’t talked or commented to you in a while now. Anything new? How are you really doing besides the let down of being sniped? I’m good by the way. Well gotta go to my E-12. (IHOP lingo for end times study group)

    P.S. I saw Isa yesterday, its so weird. She even said it, “We switched places eh.” Two of my worlds now united by three people. Crazy. I’m going through a “Missing California” season right now. Well gotta for for real this time. Have a good week.

  2. amethyst10987

    No, actually I’m not sure of it for other people . . . but it’s true of me. Last night I was writing a paper about my Bible study habits and listening to praise and worship music, and altogether having a good time of it, when I suddenly had that revelation.


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