Saturday October 7, 2006

Some times I am amazed at where I am. The people I know. Not everyone goes to a concert, then goes eats tacos with the musicians at a famous person’s house. I am afraid that I will get crushed by all the talent and potental in the lot of them. Lots of music, lots of music. I sang Hotel California with people who have cut records, just for the heck of it. I want to see where God takes all of them. The ones I just met, the ones that I have known for 10 months, the ones I have known for a year. It is some what sickening…

Crazy, ya?

4 thoughts on “Saturday October 7, 2006

  1. comefearlessly

    I feel like that too. Most IHOPers have turned down some huge record label stuff. But they all are still amazing, and they do have cd’s in the bookstore. They could go so far but they choose to stay with IHOP which I think is awesome. It just amazes me who I’m friends with and who walks by me everyday. Great people. But it does remind you that they are JUST people that God’s given a great anointing too. I thinks its awesome.


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