Sunday August 20, 2006

I liked worship today.

It wasn’t just cause I was playing. It was just fun.
I am tired.
Too much meeting. Halo was fun. I haven’t played that in a while.
Played Imaginiff. Weird game. Kind of weak.
Watched the Pink Panther. Kind of funny.

6 thoughts on “Sunday August 20, 2006

  1. Ducky1

    the spirit was really moving. I have never been in such an amazing worship service before.

    and… aw, don’t be lame, Myers. imaginiff is a FUN game!!

  2. k8tmcgrady

    don’t you think, uh, shoot! grrr. dang it. well, the guy on pink panther, i m totally blanking here, but anywayz, don’t you think my dad n him could have been seperated at birth er something like that? lol.


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