Sunday December 31, 2006

    A raven kaws, and something thumps on my head. Oh, my head, it hurts.  The raven kaws again. will that bird shut up? Another raven kaws and then another. Who let all these birds here? Oh! My head! And what is that stench? This odor of something most foul is assaulting my sense of smell while my brain is pressing my skull to find the weak spot to escape. Something is pressing into my sternum, like I am laying on it. I am laying on something. I cough and breathing in dust. The dust tastes better than the smell in the air but reminds me of my thirst. Crap, I am thirsty. I need water. Oh, my head!
    I turn my head just a little and a moan comes out of my throat. A raven kaws again and something fall off my head. It is a head. A head! What the heck!
    I jump to my feet and my head spins. I sit back down and look at the bodiless face. It is Bobby. From Kansas.  I don’t know quite what to do, Bobby was my friend. A raven swoops down and lands on it. Him. His head. Then it eats his eyes. I stand back up a little slower, my dilemma solved.
    I look around and see nothing but carnage from the low spot I am at. I need water. Water runs down hill, so there might be some down that valley.
    The ravens kawing and squawking at me, upset that I am interrupting their feast, as I stumble down the gentle slope to find water.

7 thoughts on “Sunday December 31, 2006

  1. IceAngelGA

    true enough; maybe i’ll just bring the travel blog back to life. but xanga is a lot prettier than my travel blog, i think…
    That’s a fantastic picture from china in your profile- when I get back to my fast internet i’ll sign onto flickr (for the first time in forever!) and look at all your pix, as i assume you have them up there?

  2. Quintessence_217

    wow, intense, scary, i hope it doesn’t (or hasn’t) come true. was this a dream?  

    and yes, i am a silly little girl. it is fun. i would suggest you try it but… that would just be off in too many ways.


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