Tuesday January 2, 2007

This is my first post of the new year. Such hope.

Life has been… well, good.

After a nice little talk with Andrew and Saunjah, I came to realize someting pretty darn exciting. Everyone one is talking about their goals and dreams for the rest of their life and this year (which I need to write down, for myself) that my dreams are almost obtainable.

Now that might seem like I need to set higher and bigger goals, but these things aren’t that small. Going to overseas. I know I can do that. I can make and save enough money to go.

It is oddly freeing to know that your goals are just beyond your finger tips.

Anyway, on to Decembeard.  I know it is January, but for reasons out of my control, I couldn’t start Decembeard until the 2nd. So now here we are the 2nd of January and it is time to show the world what I have grown since then.  But first, here is the picture from last year:

And 06:

Eh… I still can’t grow a full beard in one month.

And I don’t know what I am going to do, just let it grow or shave it.

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