Sunday July 30, 2006

Yes I still need money for China. I just got some money back from my accident. But I still need some. God will provide.

SO I went and saw some aptly named trees today.
Like this one:

Andrew climbing a Tree

Big eh?

10 thoughts on “Sunday July 30, 2006

  1. marinelikepuller

     I’v been to big trees, and they didn’t astound me.  They do however, provide enough cover to stop a .50 cal bullet.  Even a minigun would take a little bit to cut through that.  Great cover.  Anderson out.

  2. tranquilwater

    It’s Australia isn’t it? I don’t say that because I’m obsessed with the place or anything, but I thought I remembered Mona mentioning it. She asked when I was going because…who knows it could’ve been the same day. Close, but not quite. I ship out the 14th. And you guys won’t be in Melbourne….sad face…. Again, close but not quite. Ah, well…

  3. gzusphreaq

    hey it means Jesus Freak but steven could only come up with gzusphreaq so yeah i know you can’t really tell what it says but i know what it means and that’s what matters!


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