Wednesday August 2, 2006

“So it is goodbye to all you know and love
on your home ground, the open-handedness,
the giving of war swords. Every one of you
with freeholds of land, our whole nation,
will be dispossessed, once-princes from beyond
get tidings of how you turned and fled
and disgraced yourselves. A warrior will sooner
die than live a life of shame.”

Rest. Action. Movement and repose.
Running away and staying to fight.
Feeling the pain and loss, mixed with the joy and release
of blood letting. Of letting go, of crying.
The freedom of the vagabond, of the manumitted slave.
To sleep next to the whale-path, under the star-way.
To belong everywhere, and accepted nowhere.
To be known, to be unloved.
Up to the forest-covered, up to the water-holders.
To sit at the top and be romanced by earth’s lover,
Feel the hurt as she turns her face from you,
and the joy of her return.
Sadness and Joy, light and dark.
Rest. Action. Movement and repose.

Not only Grendel,
but Grendel’s mother.
And the Dragon.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday August 2, 2006

  1. pray2day89

    Your site looks awesome!…and to answer your question,yes all of the other 35 life lessons are funny,such as, Why not stare at a man with a patch? (aftter all I still have both my eyes) and What exactly will happen if you put up a wet floor sign here? lots,lots more..but yes they are all funny in their own way. 😛

  2. tranquilwater

    oooh so we’re in a goth kinda mood today, dead rose, black, and all that.

    I’ve only read select portions of “Beowulf”, the ones they made us read in order to not flunk the lesson, but I acutally kind of liked it. Well, on a good day. Other days… words like “star-way” become kind of annoying.

  3. Rediscover_the_Forgotten


    I can’t read such intricate things very easy. I start daydreaming, even with a passage as short as that. I usually have to read things over and over before I even have a clue as to the main idea. I think my attention span is too short or something.


  4. Ducky1

    you make me laugh, Andrew.

    and I also think you are very, very right. If God wants me somewhere, he will open doors. If he doesn’t, he will close them. I’m wondering where these doors will lead…



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