Sunday June 11, 2006

So I found this pic in the topsecretest location of where I get my profile pics. But it is to small (or detailed) to use as a profile pic. So here it is.

Yes, that is a bear in the tree. Chased up there by the thing on the ground. A cat. Yes, a cat.

6 thoughts on “Sunday June 11, 2006

  1. the_Spirit_is_Willing

    well, everybody could get hybrids. oh, and i think i was too tired. don’t ask. (in my time zone it was 12:30 am) i guess the thought of a tiny kitten chasing a bear up a tree is funny. i was real tired.

  2. comefearlessly

    Dude that story and picture was in our newspaper on sunday. The cat’s names is Jack and he’s 15 pounds. He ran the bear up the tree TWICE. He’s one territorial tabby who lives in West Milford, N.J. Crazy story.


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