Tuesday June 13, 2006


Mini Golf was fun… But no one was there. I won… Sadly… Well, I wasn’t a complete loser, Josh, Stephanie, Rebekah, and Kelly were there.

So if you are college or career aged, call me or show up at the mini golf and have some fun with people your own age.

There goes my hopes for a fun, deep, poetic post.

wasted time.
i can not say that i was ready for this.
but when worlds collide,
and all that i have is all that i want.
the words seem to flow
and the thoughts they keep running.
and all that i have is yours.
all that i am is yours.
painted skys.
i’ve seen so many that cannot compare,
to your ocean eyes.
the pictures you took
that cover your room,
and it was just like the sun
but more like the moon.
a light that can reach it all.
so now im branded for taking the fall.
so when you say forever,
can’t you see you’ve already captured me.

14 thoughts on “Tuesday June 13, 2006

  1. Passive_Spastic

    I would have beat you all.  Well I don’t know that I am just trying to instill fear into the hearts of the peasants so when we play again they will only be able to think about the rumors they heard of this “Andrew” and they will not concentrate on the game. 

  2. comefearlessly

    Still a good post. At least you found something someone else wrote that was poetic. That’s always good. Well I’m to young for your crowd so I’ll take a hike. peace out


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