Thursday November 23, 2006

That is another strange movie. I think it might be even stranger than the Fountain. But that is besides the point and nothing to do with this post. The point of this post is I drove for three hours today to eat food with some people that I haven’t seen in a while.

My nieces Emily and Kim are getting old. I remember when Emily was just a baby, like one. Now she is turning 14 this month.
And I saw my newest niece, Grace. And her older sister, Samatha, who is so talkitive and smart. Then there is Sarah who cries when you tell her “no” or “don’t.” Who stares at you with distrust. One of my nephew’s was there. Kevin, the youngest of four and I can see in  how he acts that his brothers take advantige of him. Not in a bad way, the kind of a highly competive enviroment – starting a race over in ATV Offroad Fury 2 because someone else was winning. And he is like five…
Family. It is what it is. After being away, you catch the little words, not said in malace or in manipulation, that just catch your ear and make you wonder.

Tomorrow I am going to work on my car. Yay! New headgaskets!!! And check out my flickr.

6 thoughts on “Thursday November 23, 2006

  1. Ducky1

    neices and nephews! cute!
    I don’t have any of those.
    even the brothers I’ve adopted haven’t up and popped any out, yet.
    … not that they honestly could… but yeah…

  2. Quintessence_217

    I realized the other day that I may never have nieces and nephews.  Never! Ever!  That is rather strange, and sad, too.  I am happy for you that you have some.  They are a quite a commodity.  Why just this morning they went up two points on the Dow! 

    So, what is stupid?  The idea of eating thoughts or the video? I agree that throwing money at people never solved anything.  But I do rather like those guys’ idea of stepping out and doing crazy things.   

  3. gzusphreaq

    I have to disagree a bit the fountain was strange… very very strange, like i want to go see it again so i can sleep easier at night type of strange. This thanksgiving was so great no one got hurt, good food, i got to see my brother, it was just nice.


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