Tuesday November 21, 2006

Yes, people, I did play this game. Yes, it was rather fun. No, it did not blow my mind or melt my eyeballs with the graphics. People, the controller is very light and doesn’t make a good stress relief throwing object. Yes, people, the game physics are insane.

Yes, people, I did get a massage today. It was good, people, you are correct. People, free professional massages are the bomb.

Edit: I just had a mad craving to go diving in the lake. Now I will have to wait 8 months before I can…

7 thoughts on “Tuesday November 21, 2006

  1. crimson_gold

    I’m feeling rather unloved.  Being referred to as “people”.  How distancing, and…just careless.  Hmmm.

    How are you doing?  I haven’t talked to you in forever and ten days.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving, k?


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