Tuesday July 11, 2006

Well, God likes me.

So I woke up late, went through the day tired. Drove to the bank and drove back in 100 degree heat for a lunch break. Then after work, I went to Pinecrest. I bought a fly fishing rod and reel on Saturday. And for the first time that I went fishing, I actually caught a fish. A fish! My first time. Fly fishing is so different. In normal fishing, your lure is the weight that you throw and the line follows. Fly fishing the line is what you throw and the fly is along for the ride. It is crazy. I won’t say that it is hard, but it will take a while to master.

Then I went to my dad’s house to try and pick up a check for China. Which he gave me. And my Grandma gave me a check, too. For four-hundred dollars.

I went to Wallyworld and Steven made me the best burrito I have ever had there. The lettuce really makes it. Yum!

Here are some pictures from last night.

Andrew is done dancing with Olivia, so he sends Bonam in…

Bonam doesn’t want to dance, so he throws a punch…

Liv takes him down…

So… $959.51 left.

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  1. Page_20_Four

    yes, tonight… but not till tonight, cuz i’m painting my room. i’d say around ninish… and i have yet to talk to my parents. let me call you around five or six and we’ll make plans, okay??


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