Wednesday July 12, 2006

You are afraid?
I am.
It means that I give up everything.
My hopes, my dreams. My wife, my house.
If you are afraid, why do it?
I have to?
You do? What makes you say that?
I feel it.
Tell me more.
Can’t you feel it?
No. If you don’t want to do it then don’t.
I have to. I feel it. It scares me, so I have to do it.
If it scares you why do you have to do it?
It will be powerful. It will change the world.
You sound rather dramatic.
Don’t you feel it? The calling?
To do what?
To give everything, to dance with the One.
I feel it, just beyond my finger tips.
The One?
No, the shift.
The shift?
To the Otherside.
No. Yes. Well. I don’t know. Can’t you feel it?
No. What is it like?
Over there, it doesn’t matter. Over there I am with Him, the One.
God? You sure you aren’t talking about death?
To dance with the One, nothing else matters, everything becomes the illusion that it is.
Everything is an illusion?
Are you stupid? Don’t you understand? He is what makes everything as it is. It is for His Glory and pleasure that he made us. Everything is made. The One isn’t. He was never made. Can’t you see what that means? He is the reason, He is why. Everything else is a subplot. Everything thing else is high school drama. Everything else is nothing.
Nothing? Just a subplot? What about other people? They could be starving, that isn’t an illusion.
But it is. What is real? Your body? Your soul? He is real and everything else just fades away.
You are calloused and cold.
Dancing is amazing, you change. Nothing is important but Him. His eyes, His thoughts, His cares. I maybe calloused and cold, but it doesn’t matter, because He isn’t.
You are insane. Have you danced with ‘The One” yet?
Compassion that destroys. Can’t you hear it calling?

7 thoughts on “Wednesday July 12, 2006

  1. the_Spirit_is_Willing

    believe me, you’re not the only one who has thought that.  but his word confirms what i do know is honest and true about him. when i have doubts about him and his word, things around me just happen to prove, good things.

  2. comefearlessly

    Wow. Your words just hit me. You know what I mean? Like something so precious from the past that I was starting to forget came back and stabbed me in the heart. In a good way. I’ve had an experience many times and even tried to write a three songs about it. I was dancing on top of the atmosphere with Jesus. I felt it. I heard Him whisper “dance with me”. In that moment nothing else mattered, I was consumed by Him.

    I recently found those three attempts at capturing what I felt in different songs focusing on different things that I felt. I prayed “God don’t ever let me forget this”. When things get ruff when I feel so alone I am reminded of that time I had with Him. I needed to be reminded again. You just did that for me. Nothing else matters. He will take care of it all. He has me right where He wants me. And all I have to do, is dance with Him, and I’ll be ok.

    You blessed me so much today Andrew. Thank You.

    Melissa Joy



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