Wednesday July 19, 2006

Mother of all bluegills, it has been a long day. A long day of nothing. Of killing time, working on my day off, going to walmart three times (in random order: seeing Ryan and Nina, hunting Elyse and her tall friend, kicking Lindsey [hard], riding bikes, eating tacobell, saying good bye to Steven, saying hi to Steven, buying a dvd on flycasting.), hung out with Laura for a tiny bit, saw Andrew for less, and Katie for even less than that. Came home and read.

Random weekend memory: Getting into the front of the cab and having to squeeze my legs between the dash and the seat. And my head touching the roof when the seat back was keeping my back straight and the only place I could loss height from was my neck.

Sigh. I think I will go to bed now. It is late. and my brain has stopped working.

and then there is this song angry:

But you sit there silent, folded arms
And look down as I walk by
My face has changed, you know it’s me
You know by the stillness in my eyes.
Come and whisper in my ear, “You’re very pretty, dear” and..and
“It’ll be alright.” You’re lying!
But I don’t mind tonight.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday July 19, 2006

  1. Rediscover_the_Forgotten

    I saw a booth at the fair in the john muir building and it had all these pictures that this lady had taken while she had travelled. They were some of the best pictures I had ever seen. I just stared for a long time. Then the lady came up to me and I talked with her for a while. it was cool. But anyway, I wish you could have seen them. You would have been inspired. I forget her name.

  2. pray2day89

    Ahhh Sullivan-Gardens, and Mewithoutyou-Gentlemen.

    Both verrrrry good songs! =D

    Sounds like you had a verry busy non-busy day…And I hear wally-world is the place to be these days…=P

    Annnnnyyyyyywho have fun fly fishing! cuz fishing is fun!

    ttyl! 🙂

  3. tranquilwater

    Everybody goes to Wal-mart. That’s something we all must come to terms with if we haven’t already. Everybody goes to Wal-mart three times in one day? That’s stretching it a bit. For socialization? Well, inadvertently, I guess, but still…….You guys must be pretty bored “up in them hills”.


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