Wednesday July 5, 2006

I lost tonight. In minigolf.

    Since noone was at youth group (there was only 8 of us, five which were of the Lillis family), we went minigolfing. Somewhere in the conversation before we went, Dan said that he got a 25 there last time. I didn’t believe him because the best I have done this year was a 37 (par 45). Which was a big mistake to mention. So now the pressure was on to deliver. And I failed. Kelly and Josh both beat me with a 42. I got a 43… I did pretty good, I was three under par for the first 9 then the back nine I was one over. Dan did manage to ge an 18 on the back nine, which is way impressive. Anyway enough of that.

Did you see my title? I only need $720 dollars to go to china. So if you want to give me money, That will be awesome!

5 thoughts on “Wednesday July 5, 2006

  1. pray2day89

    Heyyyyy. wow sounds like fun…I suck at minigolf sooooo…yeah 😐 lol. you should keep playing you will get beter..and if all else around and scream or hug a tree ;D


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