Monday March 19, 2007

But not photography lecture. Too boring tonight. Even though we are going to be reviewing the material that is on the mid-term, I am not going. We have been doing that for the last month. Over and over and over again.

And I am too tired. It has been a long weekend filled with staying up late and getting up early, and a whole lot of nothing in between. I almost died on saturday on a micro-epic adventure (fit that in to your theology…). If I had died, my last thoughts would have been, “Boy, I feel like an Indian… Moving all quiet through the woods. CRAP!” But I didn’t so my thoughts just kept going.

Sunday I got up way to early for going to bed so late.

One thing this weekend wasn’t full of was internet. I was unplugged from the web the whole weekend. How strange is that?

God confuses me. Why isn’t it that the more you read the bible, the more you pray, the more you do works, the holier you are? Why isn’t there a simple 48 step plan for getting in to heaven and living your life down on earth perfectly?

I feel like I am in over my head –  on purpose.

Tree in Rocks

Theater (My Choice)

Steering Wheel (Radiation)

Rocks at Pinecrest

Posts (Repetition)

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11 thoughts on “Monday March 19, 2007

  1. Ducky1

    I was thinking about that… about how futile “doing the right thing” can seem… then I decided that I think too much.
    I decided that nihilists must just have too much time on their hands.

  2. Whoopsi_Daisy

    one of the reasons there isn’t a simple 48 step plan for us to achieve holiness is because we are totally incapable of being holy on our own. even if there were a simple 48 step plan we wouldn’t be able to check off any one of those steps. that’s why we need God. apart from Him, we can’t do anything good.
    just some thoughts. 😉

  3. Quintessence_217

    very true. i don’t think i could handle a 48 step plan. or a lot less steps than that even.
    so what is this epic adventure? you leave us in suspense!
    and purty pictures. mine is on a table in my room.


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