Saturday March 10, 2007

It’s worth it.

Is it worth it?

Do it, it will be awesome!

But what if it isn’t? What happens if it isn’t?

It will be, you know this.

How? How do I know this? What makes you so sure?

Because I am scared too! And if I am scared then it must be worth it.


If I am not scared then it isn’t worth it. Where is the story of doing something that doesn’t scare you?

Story? Life isn’t a story.

What have you been learning?

Everything works to my advantage.


So what?

That means that you can’t fail, and there is nothing that scares you.

So then if you aren’t afraid anymore…

…Then you can go further and go bigger!

But wait… Where are you? You are making no sense! Then why are you scared?

I am not scared of what happens if I fail, but what happens when I succeed.

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