1. I drove past the same squashes for a fifth time this month, this time alone.
  2. I saw one wrecked car, 6 fire trucks, 3 highway patrols, two ambulances, and an incident response vehicle.
  3. Got compared to my dead uncle, told to get a sail boat and start up the family business – drug running.
  4. Repeated number 3 a few times.
  5. Ate prime rib for the umpteenth time in the week… (3)
  6. Still lovin’ the Matrix Ping Pong.

4 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. crimson_gold

    Hmm. Well, umm, hmmm.  You may be going back into the family business by yourself sweetheart…….  At least this particular one…..  Hmm..  That’s all I can say…

  2. Passive_Spastic

    Ah who needs girls in a family business, I am with you!  I have always wanted to sail!  Throw in a little danger and automatic weapons, it sounds awesome.

    “Hey, I just got started in this awesome new business!  You can work from home and travel if you want to.  I set my own hours and am building my own team, you can sign up your friends and make lots of money.”


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