Life, Love, and Why.

Summer is almost upon us. A time where I can fly-fish, hike, camp, summer school, stargaze, take pictures, swim, snorkel, dive, spearfish, and much more. Mix that all in with my “normal” activities, like work, working out, cooking, hanging out with friends, Tuesday night, Sundays and worship, you have a busy, busy, busy Andrew. And one of the most important things, working on relationships with two of my favorite people, Jesus and Lindsey. Oh, and family, I have to spend time with family… All this is said to swing your votes in favor of human cloning. Just kidding. Maybe…

My last post got a bigger and a more mixed response than I expected. I would like to clarify more upon ( <– second time in one post I used that word, must be the word of the day) what I said.

I did not mean to be derogatory to my girlfriend and I am sorry if I came across that way. I love my girlfriend, and I respect her, her upbringing, and her intelligence. She is amazing and I am thinking of cloning her so everyone could enjoy their own personal Lindsey.

On a lighter note, my 20 questions game just guessed I was thinking of poop. How strange.

5 thoughts on “Life, Love, and Why.

  1. chapelfreak

    I beat you to cloning first. That is why there are famines world wide. My clones are eating everything in sight. Eating to one final purpose. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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