Fourth of July

I went on a bike ride yesterday. My longest ever. It was only going to be something like twenty miles and then be picked up by Lindsey. It was the same route that I wrote about in my “17 miles…” post with a few extra miles that is the difference from my new house to my old house.

It was muuuuuuuch easier this time. It was actually nice and relaxed with some fast downhills. So easy in fact that I decided to ride another three miles up the hill to where Lindsey was working. It was either that or wait three hours for her to pick me up.

So I met up with her at the farmers market where she was hawking scones and ice tea and I rested and got bored. I figured rather than waiting, I’d just try to see how far I could go.

The “go” was another 7 miles (!) of unending uphill. I stopped at the top of the grade that was about three or four miles from my house and looked at my watch. Lindsey had got off about fifteen minutes before (I thought), so I decided I went far enough and should just stop. BUT, Lindsey had to work for about 45 minutes later than I thought.

So I waited.

And waited.

And waited somemore.

Two people stopped and asked me if I needed help in the hour I waited and I’m quite proud to say it was my pastor and then one of the SHOP leaders. I like it when the body works.

So Lindsey picked me up and dropped me off and I rested and showered and got ready as we were going to a lake to watch fireworks and have fun. And it was fun. Lots of fun and lots of food. Lots of food and lots of salami.

Lots of salami and I was happy.

But on the way home, there was a fire on the side of the road.

FYI, I hate wildfires. I hate grassfires. I hate forestfires.

That was not a good end the day.

Don’t start wildfires if you play with fire. It makes you stupid.

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