Where did this cough come from?

And when’s it going away? I have things to do.

Today I went up to one of my favorite lakes and “ran” around it. 18 minute mile for 3.21 miles on some pretty hard terrain, jumping off of rocks, running on logs. I think there was one point where I was just running on the top of the rocks that were in the middle of the trail for about 20 feet. That was some foot work I was proud of. The time it took, not so proud.

I also got to swim at the lake, I guessing about a mile or so in open water. That was different. Normally I’m used to having a line underneath me guiding me on which way to go, but in the open water you have to lift your head up and look, which really throws off your rhythm and flow.

Well, tomorrow’s the 4th and I think I’ll go on a long bike ride.

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