Pretend you’re a zombie moaning for brains. But then replace the word brains with sleep and you have me.

I’m in Florida and tonight is the first night I get to sleep in a bed since Friday night. I will sprawl out and enjoy this non couch.

And with no dogs to wake me up randomly (my roommate snores though), I will enjoy the hours in this bed. Let me count them: one, two, three, four, five!

Oh, then tomorrow night (really tonight, once you think about it) I get more. Hopefully a lot.

And whose idea was it to have an event on a weekend where there’s actually one less hour of sleep? Srsly, peeps, wat gives? Oh, hour of 2 to 3 am on Sunday morning, I will miss your gentle caress.

Oh, so food supposed to be here in a half an hour, so I’ll go and wait for it.

Fooooooood, sleeeeeeep, braaiiins! I mean, sleeeeeeep!!!!!

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