I miss my car…

I called the mechanic to see how my beloved (and much missed) car was doing.

“Still waiting for the heads to come back from the machine shop, and the tech who took your car apart had to leave. His brother died last night. So we’ve got someone else coming in, but it’ll take a little bit longer since he didn’t take the car apart. We’re now looking at like Tuesday or Wednesday”


I was really hoping, betting actually, on getting my car back today. I already have a hotel reservation for Saturday night, and a race planned for Sunday. That’s about $90 bucks that is gone, unless I find a car to borrow. I’ve posted a status about it on Facebook, but I will only probably get responses from people in California.

More on being carless: It’s not THAT bad. I mean, once you get over the fact that it’s much harder to get around. You can’t do all your shopping in one trip, it sucks when it rains, and getting places after dark is hard.

I miss my car…

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