Ride the Divide

I just watched this movie:

It was really well done and the ride looked amazing. Amazingly pretty and amazingly hard. Out of the 16 or so riders that started only 6 or so finished.

One of the common threads was how boring and monotonous the ride was. just spinning your pedals for 2711 miles following a dirt road all the way from Canada to Mexico, climbing an astronomical amount of hills.

It made my legs hurt. Then it made me feel bad. I’ve been, well, not complaining, but maybe mentally suffering and bragging about how tough I’ve been this week. A 26 mile ride on Saturday killed my legs, then all this week I’ve been riding to work and back. A whole mile trip, one way. On these legs that are so dead and haven’t had any rest at all.

These guys have put more mileage on their legs in half a day then I have all this year.

Sometimes, I just get shoved back into my place.

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