So, here’s where I’m at: hopeful, yet not going anywhere fast.

It’s like traveling. Yes, I did recently travel, and a few of my posts have been using that experience in stories and such. Anyway, when you travel, there’s always the act of traveling. Gotta pack, gotta get to the airport, gotta go through security, etc. There’s a lot of actions that get done quickly and in a matter of a day, you’re now 1,700 miles away at your destination.

First few days, you’re pretty ecstatic. You’ve made it! You’re at your destination! Things are different, new and wonderful. Everyday things become exciting and an adventure.

After those first few days, you just seem to lose the momentum that you had. What was exciting is now just blah… This is where you have to just work. To just do what needs to be done. This is where the next breakthrough comes from.

Maybe it’s something like a windup toy. The fast explosion of movement is a result of the steady and hard work put into the winding of the toy and not going anywhere. It all averages out.

So here I am, winding my toy.

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