Two events

Today, as I was sitting in my car waiting for it to warm up, I started thinking. I though, Man, I’d really like to have a surround sound system for my house. Yeah, I think that’s the next big purchase that I want to get. I wonder how married people make these decisions. Do they make a list and take turn saving up and buying things off of it? Then my car was warm enough to defrost and I went on my day.

I worked a half day.

After my work, I went to the H. E. B. and picked up some stuff I needed for my race tomorrow and got some gas. While I was waiting for pump, this guy in a truck rolls up. He says hey, I say hey back, and he ask me if I want a free wireless surround sound system. I looked at him crazy, like he offered me a stolen sound system. He’s says he’s delivering it from Austin and his boss just said he could just keep it. He wanted to know if I wanted it.

I said no, thanks. And he left.

Three minutes later, I put it all together…

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