Things I’ve been liking

It’s been a while since I’ve written (one of these days I’ll write frequently enough that I don’t have to start each post with “it’s been awhile…”), and I thought I’d let you know what’s been going on.

And instead of letting you know what’s going on, I just thought I’d make a list of things that I’ve been liking and tell you a little about them.

  1. Fitocracy – Fitocracy (regular link, or fancy affiliate link*) is this awesome social network that’s based on fitness. You track your workouts and activities and people comment on them and you comment on them. It’s really awesome for finding people who do the same things as you, and while you’re still separated by distance, you get to be encouraging and encouraged by people who like doing what you like doing.
  2. Timehop – Timehop is this awesome (free) service that you just sign up for and they send you emails with what you did the year before on that day. I realize this isn’t for everyone, but I love it because A) I post awesome links regularly and it’s great to see them again, B) It’s fun to remember what was going on a year ago.
  3. LostWinds  – LostWinds is an iPhone/iPad game that is quite fun, well done, and I picked it up for free (I guess now it’s like $3.99). It was a steal at free, and still quite a bit of fun for 4 bucks. Once I finish the first one, I’ll be totally picking up LostWinds 2.
  4. The fifth (and sixth) season of Doctor Who – Man, they really kicked up their production with these seasons. Rarely are there times where it’s “campy” and some of the plots really make you think.
  5. iPhone 5 – Yeah, I have one of these, and I’ve had it for over a month. The main differences between the 5 and the 4 I had are the screen size and the speed. I was one of those who hated the idea of having a bigger screen on my phone, but I’m surprised how nice it is. And it’s so much quicker than my 4 was.
  6. Letterpress – Another iOS game. This one’s kinda like boggle, but the letters don’t have to be touching, and you fight over tiles. Oh and there’s not score attached to the letters, which means that longer words are worth more and it’s a great change from something like Words With Friends or something like that. I totally recommend that you go download it now and hit me up for a game (My Game Center username is cldar).
  7. This article – Titled “The Island Where People Forget to Die”, it’s just a great read about these people who live to be really old.

That’s it for this post. 🙂

* The affiliate link really doesn’t do much for me. If I get ten people to sign up I get a month free of their paid subscription. I already pay for it, so it’s no real gain to mine. In fact, putting it there and then writing this about it is actually more work than it’s worth. So I’m going to stop.

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