An update, of sorts

You know those blog posts that just go on and on, saying this happened and then this happened then I did this one thing and then this other thing happened? I kinda have a love/hate relationship with those. On the one hand, it’s good to find out what’s going on in the other person’s life. On the other hand, though, they are usually poorly written and not entertaining.

What I’m trying to say is, get ready for something that’s poorly written and not entertaining – IN LIST FORM! Cause you know, I like lists.

  1. I’ve been running. It’s different. It’s slow. The distances seem so short. Basically, in any way you compare it to mountain biking, it’s inferior. Even when you factor in the price of the bike, it’s still a substandard activity. The amount of money you pay to buy a bike and its upkeep is more than worth it in terms of the sheer unadulterated bliss that you get riding. Anyway, this is about running.

    I’ve been running cause I signed up to do a Half Marathon (it’s capitalized because it’s that big of a deal). At the beginning of the year, a good friend of mine approached me wondering if I would run a marathon with him. I have about the same amount of desire run a marathon as I would to spend 4 hours hitting my knees with a hammer. But for some reason I said I’d think about doing a Half. 13.1 miles is a goal that I was thinking could be obtainable in one year, provided I could talk myself into doing it. I was about 70% signed up to do so when another friend came along and decided that she wanted to get a bunch of people to do the same marathon/Half Marathon for a fund-raising event to save children from being sold into the sex trade. While I’m all for saving kids, it was the fact that there suddenly were more people to race against and beat made me cough up the money and sign up. Feel free to donate towards the cause.So I’ve been running a lot. I ran 8 miles yesterday on a trail, which is some how much harder to run on than the road. Surprisingly, it’s much softer when you trip and fall.
  2. I’ve been trying to bike a lot too. It’s much easier to plan the perfect training schedule and plan than it is to actually execute said perfect training schedule and plan. But trying my best I have been. I’ve got one more race this year, then I think I’ll actually cat up to category 2 for the next year. That means, I’ll be racing twice the course length and racing with people twice as committed. Oh, if things go well at this next race, I’ll finish 5th in my age group for the series. If things really well (Like my friend DNF’s and I miraculously get 4th place), I can finish 4th in my age group for the series. If things go really, really bad, I’ll be in 8th. So there’s that.
  3. My friend Josh got married! I flew out to California for a long weekend a week or so back and had a blast. It was quick, but I got to spend time with my good friend, got to hang out with my mom and sister, and got to see some old friends who haven’t made the move to Texas yet.
  4. My Dad and step mom came to visit me in July! The first of my family to come out and see me. Look! We had a blast in San Antonio
    In Front of the Alamo
  5. It’s TV time! Or TV season. Or time for TV season. Here’s a list (with in a list! It’s list-ception [though that’s not what the word “inception” means]) of the show’s I’m excited to watch:
    1. Doctor Who – November 23rd! Then Christmas.
    2. Castle – It started last week, but my friend told me to wait until there was 2 episodes up.
    3. Community – Who knows when it’ll start, and if they’ll start when they say they will…
    4. Doctor Who – ’cause I’m that excited about it.
    5. Parks and Rec – The first episode was pretty good.
    6. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – Horrible to type, and entertaining to watch.
    7. Doctor Freakin’ Who – I guess I’m a fan boy…
    8. Raising Hope – November 8th.
    9. Sherlock – Oh Moffat, you have my heart and undying devotion, just tell me how he did it!
    10. Downton Abbey – January 5th of next year. It’s not going to be fun to wait that long.
    11. Doctor Who – It really is that amazing.
  6. They have some really good articles, like one about the Paradox of Activism and Is College Worth It?
  7. Babies! Everyone in the office is having babies. We’ve had 2 born in the last week and there’s still 4 more to be hatched!

I think that’s it for tonight. Maybe I’ll post some more later.

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