The Hobbit

Since the second trailer for the second movie came out today, there’s been talk of hobbits around the office.

I have a confession, I’m not a huge Lord of the Rings fan. I’m afraid this will damage my street cred as a giant nerd, but it’s the truth. I seriously love the world that lotr is set in, I like the over all story of them, but frick! The books can seem so long and boring and filled with songs. And the movies have long, boring drawn out scenes in them. My whole life is full of boring scenes and elvish songs (what?), I don’t tend to look for that in my entertainment. I mean, Tolkien got the idea for them to give England some myths and legends; I kinda expect there to me a bit more legendary feats and stuff.

Anyway, this rant is ranting where I didn’t plan on ranting in this post. What I was going to say was that while the books in the main trilogy are long and boring, there’s a book that’s shorter, more to the point, and a lot more enjoyable to read: the Hobbit. It’s the prototype, and I just love it. Maybe it is because it is more of a children’s book, but it lacks all the boring bloat that the trilogy suffers from. The Hobbit is a perfect balance of innocence and a world full or adventure and danger.

Then Peter Jackson ruined it. The movie changed the story to fit the need to tie it in with the other movies. And stupid things too. In the book, Thorin isn’t an ass, hellbent on getting revenge on elves for abandoning the dwarves in their time of need; the elves were never there when Smaug attached. In the book, Thorin is pompous, yes, but that’s cause he’s the king under the mountain.

Ugh. I’m going to bed. Enough of this.

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