I really like Thanksgiving. It’s a wonderful holiday. I’m pretty sure it’s in the running for my favorite holiday but my egocentrism keeps my birthday as my favorite holiday. [New bucket list item: Make my birthday a national holiday].

The dynamics of my family growing up really shaped my love for the second greatest holiday: We were either going to a relative’s house to be with a lot of family, or we were having a lot of family come over. At least, that’s how I remember it. Thanksgiving has always been a ton of people for me, and I tend to feel most comfortable with larger thanksgivings than smaller ones. We’d often have other people over too: single mothers and in-laws, an occasional friend or two. Just a bunch of people having a good time, eating great food, and loving on each other.

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with everyone and anyone; it lacks the intimacy of Christmas morning and I feel it is better for that. Thanksgiving you’re not only thankful for your family, you’re thankful for your friends too.

So whether you’re with family, your extended family, friends, or all of the above, have a great holiday.

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