The Journey of an Expat: 4 years later

4 years ago, I moved from a small town in the mountains of California and arrived in a small town in Texas. And a few days later, I wrote a very eloquent blog post about it. A bit heavy on the rhetorical devices, but good none the less.

In the last 4 years, I’ve met and lost some good friends only to get some more. I found new passions in life and new people to enjoy them with. I’ve really put some roots down and my Dad and step-mom even came to visit me. I became debt free, became a home owner, and now have a mortgage and debt again. I’ve learned a lot, grown as a human, and I’m now almost an adult.

It has been a good 4 years. I’m excited what the next four years will bring. This year, I have to say, is going to bring fruit wines.

The ‘Nogs

Okay, so eggnog season has finally come. Two of my batches of eggnog  (the first batch was from this post) were ready to be enjoyed!

In the photo above you can see all that’s left of my eggnog: batch 2 is on the left, batch 1 is in the middle, and the best store-bought is on the right.

Batch 2 I made in July. I noticed after I made the batch that the directions are different depending on if you use Alton’s milk mix or just do what he says for half and half version. The difference was that batch 2 ended up with a quart less half and half in it (and fluid in general). This made the eggnog darker, stronger, and thicker. Still very tasty though. This is actually the batch that I got to have the most of.

Batch 1 was made in December of ’12. It is super tasty. I am not sure if it was the extra age, the extra half and half, or the sweeter bourbon I used, but it was very drinkable. I’m not entirely sure where it all went. I know a big chunk of it went to a friend in a trade for a bottle of home-made Kahlúa. A few others went as gifts and, all in all, I was left with a little more than what is in the bottle in that picture. Batch 1 was much sweeter and it was thinner than batch 2.

And the store stuff is store stuff. Good, sweet, thick, non alcoholic. And really good to mix with batch 2.

I might make some again, but probably not until June or July.

Break Room Board #1: What is your favorite holiday song


At the office there’s this white board in the break room. It’s just there. It was probably put there to free up some space somewhere else. Anyways, a while ago we decided to erase the 2-year-old meeting notes on the board and put a question. We’ve gone through a couple already, and I thought I’d start sharing them. And hey, YouTube exists so we can listen to all the songs! Continue reading