Break Room Board #5: Describe your ideal/perfect sandwich



PB&J – A whole loaf’s worth, made in a batch and stored back in the bread bag. After several hours canoeing, the pb&j will be sufficiently squished, the atoms of all three components uniting on a molecular level. At this point, you pry then pry open the sandwich and insert a healthy layer of Ruffles chips. Consume the whole loaf.

Meat, cheese, pickles, meat, mayo, tomato, bread, mustard

Lots of salami

Oscar Mayer with olives

Peanut butter + Marshmallow

cheeseburger with Gyro meat on top

Grilled ham in a grilled cheese sandwich w/ bread + butter pickles


Hot dogs with Everything (hold the onions)

Filet mignon sliced thin, lobster chunks, $9436.00 (Napkins) cash between french bread

Grilled turkey + cheese

PB+J but only when my mom makes it. Sandwiches made by moms are always better.

Monte Cristo @ Bennigans. If you haven’t had it, you haven’t lived.

[Not in the photo, but was on the board] Grilled steak with green onions + garlic.

Break Room Board #4: If you were invisible, where would you go and what would you do?


I would go and open automatic doors constantly, freaking people out.
The NSA – Destroy servers at random
I would rearrange people’s desks while they were working
The Federal Reserve. ‘Nough said. OR Whisper “mommy” in dark corners & alleyways
The Vatican Basement
I am invisible… and I’m behind you right now…
I’d hit up the banks of mobsters & CIA, plus fly first class all around the world {<- you’d still have to share your seat :)}
Sneak into Thor’s & David Beckham’s rooms…
I’d sneak into executive meetings & fart super loud & stinky right behind the CEO


Break Room Board #3: If you were a dinosaur, what type of car would you eat?


One that has been T-boned…
A bus full of tasty children
probably the Oscar Mayer Hot Dog car
Hummer ~ they’re good for nothing else!
VW Beetle – they bug me
Smart cars… b/c they’re stupid 🙂
A Schwann’s food truck
A racecar from Wreck-It Ralph
a Fiat! I <3 Italian food
Your mom’s car
1975 Lincoln Town car
Limo – Subway sandwich of cars
Scion XB (Big Mac of cars)