Monday December 27, 2004

Well it is time to post again. My daily ramblings haven’t been so daily. “I was at a Daiye spa.” I watched Starwars last night, episode 2. Natalie Portman is a bad actor. Yah, I said actor, not actress. Sure some people are going to say that it is not politically correct, but is it politically correct that they get their own word? See, that was a ramble. I can not ramble too. But I don’t think I will now. I have been sick, stuffed up head, runny nose, slight cough. Yah… fun. Okay bye.

5 thoughts on “Monday December 27, 2004

  1. IceAngelGA

    wow this sitelook seems freakishly familiar…. stalker. Nah, j/k, I think I’ve stolen your sitelook more than once so I can’t begrudge you. A politically-uncorrect californian?! Whodathunkit.


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