Saturday December 25, 2004

Well, Christmas is over. Even though there is still like 4 and a half hours left, I am ending it. I went home. I am home. And Christmas is over. Now next week I have two birthday parties to go to and drive to Weed to spend New Years with my Mom. Then work when I get back, until I retire. I need a career. I need a purpose. Looking ahead I know that I have something planned for me. Silly God, why don’t you just tell me?

7 thoughts on “Saturday December 25, 2004

  1. IceAngelGA

    silly boy, Why don’t you ask?

    I know the frustration though. I think sometimes you’ve just got to start doing something and be ready for God to stop you if he wants you to stop.

  2. Christyes8

    My username just came out of the blue. I just threw it together. In fact, i was reading “Christy”, by Catherine Marshall and I guess I loved the name, so that inspired me and I wanted my username to do with Jesus Christ, so I thought back and remembered the Colombine shooting and Cassie Bernall and how she said, “Yes” that she believes in God, so I put the two together. Then, I just hung the ‘8’ like a Christmas ornament on the end like it was a tree branch.   Yeah-so out of the blue.    ; )

  3. Passive_Spastic

    Glad you had a good Christmas, we all need purpose but we don’t need to get it from Rick Warren!  Seriously though I have been thinking kinda along the same lines, read my post, might tell ya more.


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