Thursday December 23, 2004

I am so tired. These past three days I haven’t gone to bed before 12:30, and getting up at 7. And working. And being a little sick.

Katie’s party was fun, I got a snickers bar and a braclet. I got her a braclet for her birthday. I made it. I watched Neapolian Dynamite. Pretty good. It is more fun to quote the movie than to watch it. ‘gosh’. Um, watched Elf, and Katie doing this, 

then this,

It was gross. She and KC ate all of it.

Tonight was the christmas party at church. I won a cd at a crossword. And I am bad at cross words. We had a white elefante gift thing. I forgot mine. But I still got one. A golf ball, a big bouncy ball, a hackie sack, and antanna topper.
Um… Oh, Andrew’s family got me a present too, a basket with laundry stuff in it. I need to get some more soap and bleach, but now I don’t.
I am to tired to think of anything else right now.

19 thoughts on “Thursday December 23, 2004

  1. Christyes8

    uhh. Is that cookie batter she’s eating?       ew. looks. . . . delicious.
    anyway, i wouldn’t light things on fire this month. There are a lot of christmas trees around.
    And, i have a question: why is your username “Calvin_Darge” and your name Andrew Myers? you like, undercover er something?     only kidding.

  2. k8tmcgrady

    thanks for posting these beautiful pics of me.  actually, i don’t remember you taking any pictures while we were doing this.  hum.  thanks for the guitar string…it is cool

  3. HarpistGrrl

    I wanted to kick him…but the whole big skirt thing was in the way…plus I was sitting down…the harp we between me and him as well…

    but I kicked him in my brain…

  4. FireFilled_Chick

    You are cruel. I find new people to write to and then they start writing you. The whole reason I found new freinds was so I could get as many comments as you. And the other thing I have noticed is there all girls! Whats with that?! Can’t talk to your own kind huh!

  5. Ducky1

    yummay…. *gag*
    wellzors, merry christmas to you, andrew!
    may your days be sunny and bright, and may all your christmasses be… well, idk. constant snow may be a turrible thing to wish on anyone. so… christmasses be quite
    or something.
    yah yah… *ramblin here*
    tty… later!

  6. spokenvessel

    Yeah it kind of does defeat the purpose!! haha I understood what you said though! Blogring……blodring…..same difference! haha Thanks for coming by my site!!! : ) Feel free to come whenever! I like the colors on ur site!!

    Be Blessed,



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