Friday March 4, 2005

the real story of josh and his arm

josh was riding down six shooter, and at the bottom there is a jump. he normally hits the jump and lands it. but this time there is a snow man standing on the top of the jump.

josh: stops and looks at the snowman. “hey, move snowman”
snowman: …
josh: “move it before i move you”
snowman: …
josh: “you are a [sentence filled with christian cuss words, omitted due to some people]! i will destroy you if you do not move with in the next five minutes.
snowman: waits four minutes and fifty-three seconds then the wind blows one of its arms.
josh:”you are taunting me! die you heathen scum!” josh parries a wind powered blow from the snowman with his right hand and follows through with a blow to the snowmans chin with the heel of his left hand. josh falls down holding his now broken arm.
snowman: …
josh: gets up and scrapes the snow off the rock that served as the snowman’s head. “a rock? that is it!”
josh: nukes snowman

and that is the story as why there is no longer a chair eight at dodge ridge.

6 thoughts on “Friday March 4, 2005

  1. IceAngelGA

    I love it.

    YAY I’m almost on spring break! I shall probably be bored to death and send you another nosy letter or somethin. Or maybe not. hehe never know…  love ya

  2. FireFilled_Chick

    I have met a really cute girl named sarah and she rocks on the hand drums. When I first met her I would have never thought she plays hand drums but she does and she’s good. But I think she mit be like one or two years older, maybe not but  I really think she has got to be twenty something.


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